Canadian Registration Number

Andron Stainless is proudly registered under a CSA-B51 quality system and offers a limited cross-Canada CRN on a wide selection of domestic manufactured fittings.

All our certificates can be freely downloaded on this page.

For added security. All CRN fittings MUST have our company logo etched on the fitting to qualify as authentic. Andron Stainless will not verify or honour any fittings without this logo:

"A" classified fittings

"B" classified flange fittings

"A" & "H" classified Heavy Duty and High Pressure Clamps are certified for:

  • Working temperatures of ambient 70 °F to 200 °F Max
  • With Max pressures listed as follows:
Clamp Sizes MAWP (PSI)
0.5" - 2" 350
2.5" - 4" 245
6" - 8" 175